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Our Public Bar

Step into the Fox & Hounds Bancyfelin, and find yourself in the inviting embrace of our charming public bar. Comfortably accommodating around 30 patrons, our bar has gained popularity amongst locals and visitors alike, becoming an integral part of our establishment.

Drawing on the traditional essence of a classic Welsh pub, our bar combines an inviting ambience with a diverse and carefully curated selection of drinks. We offer a selection of well-kept traditional ales and craft beers for the connoisseurs and enthusiasts, as well as a versatile assortment of local gins for those who enjoy a fine spirit.

Not to be outdone, our wine list is a testament to our dedication to quality. With a fine assortment of wines, we cater to diverse palates, ranging from the crisp, light-hearted whites to robust, full-bodied reds. Our knowledgeable and friendly bar staff are always on hand to help you make the perfect choice.

As you enjoy your drink, you'll find yourself immersed in the warm, friendly atmosphere that our regulars cherish. It's the ideal place to unwind, catch up with friends, or enjoy an evening out. For those who fancy a quick bite to eat, we also offer a selection of bar snacks to complement your chosen beverage.

So whether you're a local resident dropping in for your usual, a visitor discovering us on your journey through Carmarthenshire to Pembrokeshire, or a member of the hardworking staff from the nearby private hospital seeking a relaxing end to the day, we invite you to join us at the bar. Sit back, let our friendly staff serve you, and soak in the traditional charm of Fox & Hounds Bancyfelin.

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